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Frequently Asked Questions

Frankly, most of these questions haven’t actually been asked, but I could imagine that this is what people may wonder about…


Why is my favourite fallacy not listed?

This site is still a “work in progress”. There are whole sections that haven’t even been started yet. I recommend you check back again in a couple of weeks.

Suggestions or hints for interesting topics are of course always welcome. For contact information, please see the Imprint page.

Why not Wikipedia?

Articles on this site are structured in a very different way than on Wikipedia. Many of them would either be deleted or changed significantly in a way that would defeat the purpose of this site, which is to provide comprehensible and accessible introductions to the topics.


I have found a mistake

Let me know about it. I don’t claim to be immune to making mistakes and I’m happy if I can improve any articles.

Moreover, I’m also happy to learn something new – for example if somebody tells me about a mistake. Seriously! For ways to contact me, see the Imprint page.

FIXME More to come…

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